18 months ago we started with a vision of making mobile apps accessible on any device, including desktops. Indie developers, publishers, startups and large fortune 500 companies love our product – they’ve used it in marketing their new apps, internal testing of their mobile apps, and have even integrated us into their core products.


Throughout that time, we also kept a close eye on the mobile ads market and the direction it was heading in. Having served more than 2 million interactive app demos to customers around the world, we believe we’re in a strong position to disrupt the ads industry. Starting today, we’re officially announcing our new interactive mobile ads product.

Our ads are 100% rich media, so they work on most ad networks out of the box. We require no SDK integrations, so creating an ad unit is as simple as uploading a build of your app. We are 100% MRAID compliant, so we can run on any MRAID ad network. We track the entire ads funnel, from impression, first tap, length of interaction, tap to the App Store, device install, and in the future, day 1/7/30 retention and cohort LTV.

Best of all, we’ve seen at least 3X higher conversion rates from our early trials!


We will be releasing more data on the trials we’ve run with our partners soon. If you’re interested in an opportunity to trial our ads product, contact sales@app.io.

We look forward to ushering in this new generation of engaging ads.

  • Ernesto Rivera

    Too bad to see App.io Demo Pages discontinued.

  • Lance Case

    Also disappointed to see demos go. Can you recommend a replacement for web-based iOS app emulation/simulation?

  • Alexandru Iliescu

    All our websites where we hosted your demos are broken now. Including wwdcstudents.co.
    Shame on you guys, and a big middle thumb for this decision .i.