Update: We’ve just launched App.io/Safari to allow you to test your website in mobile iPhone & iPad!


One of the challenges with modern day web development is building websites for mobile devices. How do I know if my ‘responsive’ web layout actually responds properly on a real-life mobile device? Will all the elements be rendered correctly? Will this plugin/advertisement/colour/script behave the way it is meant to? Will mobile Safari display my beautiful designs correctly on the iPhone?

Well now we can quickly answer those questions for you. Thanks to the magic behind App.io, we’ve made mobile Safari accessible to everyone.

Test your website on App.io/Safari right now!

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    1. getappio

      Hi Mark, sorry to hear you’re having issues. We have it working in the latest Chrome (that’s our most used browser by customers so we focus directly on it) – we did have a random drop out yesterday at the same time this blog post went out so it may have been during that moment. Are you able to try it now?

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